After someone we love has passed away many people try to find a way of keeping their memory alive. 

This can vary from planting a tree, to naming a star. 

I wanted to share with you some other thoughts and ideas that you may like to consider. 

NAME A STAR For some, to be able to name a star in memory of someone they have lost is a fitting memory. There are many star naming websites to choose from, just search “name a star uk”

There is often an option to either name a single star or a star in a constellation.

Once your star is named, you generally receive a certificate, star chart and co-ordinates to help you find it in the night sky. 

BEREAVEMENT BOX Creating a keepsake box can bring comfort for many people. 

Once you have your memorial box, it can be filled with special moments you shared with your loved one. These could be photographs, a favourite piece of jewellery, cards, letters or other treasured possessions. 

This is also a wonderful way of sharing memories which children and grandchildren can pass on the memories from generation to generation. 

Memorial boxes can be found on Amazon but there are also specialist websites which may also offer personal engraving too. 

That said, there is no need to purchase such a box, as you may like to decorate and personalise a simple cardboard box. This will serve just as well and enable you to have a special place to go to share those memories in one place. 

RINGS AND JEWELLERY A special piece of jewellery can make a fitting keepsake as many can be worn at all times and can be a comfort to be wearing something that meant a lot to your loved one.

This could be a piece of jewellery from their own collection but has special memories for you, a wedding ring for instance, or a favourite e brooch or watch. 

Even a new pendant with an engraving of their initials or name could be a fitting tribute. 

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is grieving, there are many websites that sell bereavement jewellery. They also offer a Memory Book for family and friends to share their stories and memories about a loved one, plus a selection of bereavement cards. A Memory Book is a beautiful way to pass on their memories to generations to come. 

Another option that can be chosen is to have a loved one’s ashes incorporated into a piece of glass jewellery and one such website specialising in this is 

GIVING SOMETHING BACK If your loved one was helped and supported by a particular charity or hospice before they passed away, making a financial donation or giving of your time can help you to say ‘thank you’ in a tangible way. 

This could be a one-off donation or many offer the option to donate a small monthly amount. 

These donations are usually used to fund valuable research or to help support the services given to others who are going through a similar experience to your loved one. 

QUIET REFLECTION TIME Many people who are going through a bereavement say they would like somewhere they could sit and reflect about the one they’ve lost and be able to relive some of the memories they made together without interruption. 

Buying a bench for your garden can be comforting, and help you to gain some much needed quiet time too. Of course, planting a tree or bush close to the bench is a lovely way to see new life growing year on year too. Some people will contact a local park and have a particular bench dedicated to their loved one, and pay for a plaque to be engraved in their honour. 

There is no set way to remember a loved one, and everyone’s thoughts may be different, but I hope these ideas may inspire you to make the choice that is right for you.